The Importance Of Gun Control

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Since the Bill of Rights was first created 250 years ago, our rights as citizens have never been jeopardized. However, more recently in our society, there has been an upsurge in debate on whether some rights should be left out of the Bill of Rights for the better interest of its citizens. For the safety and security of the people, it is only justifiable to remove the Second Amendment of owning guns. Guns are seen as part of the American identity and many citizens even own one or more guns at home. It is an “every man for himself” ideology in that there is a growing uncertainty on whether the police will show up on time. Therefore, people take it upon themselves to protect their property and themselves from threats and intruders. That said, studies show that a rapid decrease of crime rates can be directly associated with strict gun access laws and “of the over 30,000 gun deaths in 2002, only 163 were deemed ‘justifiable homicide.”To obtain a gun increases a person’s chances of being a victim of this dangerous weapon, as sources say that a gun is 43 times more likely to be used in killing its owner or a relative than an intruder.” This statistic feeds into the notion that concealed guns are not necessary for self-defense and, in fact, increase the need for self-defense throughout the nation. If more guns lead to less crime as many pro-gun activists say, why does the United States suffer from 93 deaths, four to five times more than any industrialized nation, every day? Other
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