Why Guns Should Be Banned In America

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The United States of America is known to be a free country, but would it be defined as being free if permission is granted for citizens to have access to a gun(s) with them wherever they go? In my perspective, I strongly disagree with the fact of that specific reason which makes America an unfree country. This is hazardous because by carrying a gun around with you will often have the reasons like safety but it could also make you a terrorist like other people who want to use it to plot murder occasionally for money or revenge. Some people would agree and disagree with this idea because of many reasons. I personally think that banning guns is a better idea than keeping them for all citizens.

This could take place if a large amount of people say “Banning guns is a persuasive idea”. Let’s imagine a robber walks into a bank and pulls out a gun and asks the teller to give all the money in the safe.You have no choice but to follow his/her order and give all of your money. There might be hundreds of people in that room, which creates a very unsafe situation for all of them. But if the guns were banned this situation wouldn 't be such a common occurrence. Some people might still obtain guns illegally, but it won 't happen frequently. What is the president, Donald Trump, doing with all the people dying in his
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Why is America becoming an unsafe country to live in and a country without liberty? Because we just kicked out every single Muslim in the country for no reason, what harm did they ever do to that country. Anyways some of us say that guns don 't kill people, people kill people and if you think about it that’s the reality. That’s because guns won’t work until and unless there is a person holding and controlling it. What would happen if that person doesn 't get a gun to handle and control? Fewer people dying more people living, and then we live happily ever after well
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