The Importance Of Gun Violence In Video Games

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games. My second claim is that it shows sexual content on the video games. Rated R games have the label on it but still parents still chooses to buy the nasty video game those video games have sex in them they have prostitution in them those video games your kids can learn about the birds and the bees through these video games that’s how bad these games are. Your kids also get the first hand role in killing they get to experience what it is like killing someone and some how that triggers them to become serial killer and personal there’s to many serial killers in this world right now. It also resolves conflict through violence video games just basically starts fights and gun violence through gun violence instead of ignoring it or talking and you see video games and there punching, kicking and pulling out guns which draws me to my next topic gun violence when you see these treacherous video games it’s literally every gun in the world in these games those big war guns in call of duty to the little street small guns in grand theft auto people see guns on games and think there they don’t do any damage in real life because of video games there are mass shooting now video games are not the only reason there are mass shootings people are evil the video game didn’t tell them to shoot but it sparks that brain cell that sends that wave for them to do it. Not all video games are bad and I’m not dissing video games at all but there are dancing video games, learning video games, cooking

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