Hair Synthesis Essay

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Hair is seen as a very important feature on both genders in many generations throughout the years. Hair is a dead cell and is made of keratin that is a tough protein. In the hair bulb, living cells divide and grow to build the hair shaft. A cause of hair loss is stress, illness, genetics etc. In order for hair loss to be avoided, hair should be nourished from the inside and out. It is important for every individual to care about his or her lifestyle. One of the main features on a human body that reflects on how the people’s lifestyle is from the hair. You can know if it’s clean, healthy, taken care of just by taking a glimpse at it. Maintaining mental health plays a vital roll on the overall state of your hair. The mental things that effect…show more content…
To offer hair a worthy start, nutrition is very essential. It is constantly poor diets that have a harmful outcome on hair growth. To begin with, you may be limited as to when or what you may eat (depending on your condition). Or you may basically have lost your appetite for foodstuff. A well-balanced diet containing, proteins, minerals fats, carbohydrates and multi-vitamins, is necessary for suitable health and hair growth. In particular, the following foods help hair growths are protein foods such as fish, eggs, soya, meat, nuts, milk, cheese, seeds and pulses. Iron foods is mandatory too because the hair also trusts deeply on iron for major growth. Foods that contain iron are most importantly eggs, red meat, pulses, nuts, and green leafy vegetables. B12 is also helpful in absorbing the iron from foods such as yeast products, bread, Marmite, animal liver, meat, and fish. Foods that contain vitamin C are all fresh fruits and vegetables, tomatoes. Since most vitamins are water soluble, boiling the foods removes some of their importance. If your body includes low dosage on zinc, you should start seeing a doctor to take medications. Zinc is also found in some foods such as eggs, whole grain, oysters, peas and maple

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