How To Make Straight Hair Essay

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Most women that have curly hair obsess about straight hair, they think that it is easier to maintain while the women with straight hair love the volume and bounce of curly hair. If you have curly hair, you need to stop thinking about having straight hair and make an effort to enjoy your gorgeous curly tresses.

The first thing to make your curly hair look great is to eat a nutritious diet in addition to using great quality hair care products. You need not invest a fortune in hair products, just make sure that you purchase good quality products meant for curly hair.

Curly Hair Care Tips and Tricks

" Do Not Wash Your Hair Every Day. Many people feel that they need to wash their hair every single day. This does not work well with curly hair since regular washing can dry out curly hair. Since straight hair gets greasy easily, it needs to be washed frequently. On the contrary, curly hair is dry and prone to getting frizzy, if you wash it too often, it may get drier with time and become brittle. If you need to wash your hair often, use a gentle shampoo or skip it entirely and only use a conditioner to add moisture to your hair.

" Use Nourishing Hair Care Products: It is important that your shampoo does not strip off
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This is a misconception since braided updos look fabulous on curly hair. Detangle your hair and divide it in two sections, top and bottom. Now divide the bottom section into two sections. Start braiding the three-strand braid for each section at the point where you want your updo to be. Secure the braids with an elastic band. Hold the centre braid and pull it across the back of your head, securing it with a bobby pin. Pick up the right braid and use a bobby pin to secure it on top of the centre braid. Repeat with the left braid. Use a hair spray to set the hair in place. You can also use a hair accessory on special occasions to make this braided updo more event

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