The Importance Of Halal Food

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Muslims in the world must choose the Halal food as part of their diet. Halal comes from an Arabic word, meaning that lawful and law also found that halal is food that permitted for Muslims. Non Halal is also comes from an Arabic word meaning that as Haram. In other words, non-Halal is not permissible. Halal is an Islamic while principles and it is also mentioned in the Al-Quran. Halal is used in food production, but it is more to concerning about the food. Halal involves a packaging, tourism, finance, etc. The packaging is one of the most important things in the logistic activities and to make sure the Halal status of the content of the product and activities such as transportation and storage. These activities must be in the Halal practices.…show more content…
According to the Talib (2007), he argued that most of the halal status comes from sources that are not clean and say that the material of the packaging are coming from an animal that is in doubt. According to Hazair (2007), a lawful product packaging must contain all aspects of Syria’. For the example, the printed image on the packaging does not comply with the terms of Halal. The image is not an exaggeration to bring to unpleasant and should also be provided Halal logo so from that the customer can be recognized. According to Prendergast (1995), he defines packaging made of any kind of material for any shipping and protects the goods from being damaged or destroyed when reaching to the customer. According to Prendergast and Pitt (1996), there has a two role of the packaging, which is logistic and marketing. The first role of the packaging is to protect the goods during the time of the delivery. It is also practiced the workers to handle the goods or product during handling the product. In the addition, it can reduce the food from getting damaged while it can short the cost for the damage product. In the context of Halal, the packaging is to protect the product or goods from any doubt between Halal and non-Halal. When during the transportation, the packaging is used by a different carrier to make…show more content…
For the information, the communities in Malaysia speak in a several language, including Malay, English and Chinese. It is not strange when the packaging of the products in Malaysia using a variety of languages. According to Dyer (1982), the language is the important element because from the language on the packaging it can persuasive the customer to buy the product. Based on Hollensen et al (1999), company that manages all business related multilingual society must make a choice of what language to be used on their products and in advertising. The language may be different to motivate customers. The selection of the language is important because the language can deliver the message and information to the customers. Packaging can attract the customer to buy the product because from the packaging the customer can know the benefit of the product. According to Meyer and Lubliner (1998), the packaging can reach the customer from their features. Example for the product features is the colour, shape, design and the style of the packaging. Product features is important to make the customer persuade to buy the product. The company that want to produce their product and want to market the product, the product features is very important for the new item in the market. The choice of the color should be attractive and bright, it is make the customer want to look on the product. Besides that, the shape

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