The Importance Of Hamlet's Death In Hamlet

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After the king Hamlet died, his ghost still appeared in different places of the play. The ghost wanted to talk to his son Hamlet to tell him all the truth about what happened before he died. The first thing that he said was that he did not died by a snake bite, but killed by his brother Claudius. The ghost told Hamlet to take revenge of Claudius. The second thing that the ghost told Hamlet was that he should do no harm to his mother, even though she married her husband’s murderer. Before the ghost leaves, he said to Hamlet to remember him. After Hamlet had his speech with his dead father, his goal was to avenge the King Hamlet’s death. Hamlet had many chances to kill Claudius and get over with his revenge, but he hesitated most of the times. The first time that Hamlet had the opportunity to kill his dad’s murderer was after the “Mousetrap”, which was the play that presents the true story of a murder carried out…show more content…
However, he did not kill him, because the point that he is confessing his sins, means that after he dies, all of his sins will be forgiven and he will go directly to heaven. He prefers to wait until he does something sinful and wicked to then kill him, so he could pay in hell for all his sins. As soon as Hamlet left, Claudius said that he was not sorry about anything that he did, therefore if Hamlet decided to kill him, Claudius would have gone to hell anyways. At some point of the play, Hamlet starts talking to Gertrude at her bedroom. During their conversation, he hears some noise behind the curtains. Hamlet took a knife and stabs the person behind the curtains. The thing is that he thought that the person behind the curtains was Claudius spying at their conversation. But the person spying on their conversation was Polonius instead. This could have been the second time that Hamlet had the chance to kill Claudius, but it was a case of mistaken

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