The Importance Of Hans Hubermann In The Book Thief

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The animal is not an appropriate name to call the leaders of Nazi's party. Leaders of Nazi's party are creatures who are much more worst than an animal, they should be called brainwashed monsters. Hans Hubermann is a tall, calm, old looking men with silver eyes. In the Makus Zusak novel The book thief, there are many interesting characters, but no one is like Hans Hubermann who possesses the qualities of kind, and loyal. Back in the Nazi's period kindness was not essay thing to be found in people's heart. Hans Hubermann was one of the few people that kindness was not faded from his heart. Hans Hubermann helped Liesel to calm down when she first arrived at his house as his new daughter. When Liesel was sitting at the corner of washroom "you know how to roll a cigarette, Hans asked her and for next few hours or so, then sat in the raising pool of darkness, playing with the tobacco and the cigarette papers and Hans smoking them (pg. 33). Hans was kind to go out of his way to teach Liesel how to roll a cigarette, so it can calm her down. Hans Hubermann gave a piece of bread to an old Jewish man in the long walk to Dachau. When Jews were marching to Dachau "the Jew stood before him, expecting another handful of derision, but he watched with everyone else as Hans Hubermann held his hand out and present a piece of bread, like magic (pg.394). Hans did not think about the…show more content…
Hans unlike others Germans he liked Jews and he never was racist toward them. He always used his kind heart to help people without thinking about the consequences. Hans wanted to be loyal to his Jewish friend who has done so much for him. Hans Hubermann is a man who lived during the Nazi party flag but he never actually followed them deep down. Much the same as Hans Hubermann, everyone needs to follow humanity flag instead of other flags, being a human before anything else, for example, religion &
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