The Importance Of Happiness And The Meaning Of Life

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Happiness and the meaning of life are essential parts of the human wellbeing. There are diverse factors predicting happiness that control the meaning of life, and meaningfulness controls happiness. In the case of satisfying one 's needs and wants, a person gains happiness, but it is not the same as to be deduced as the meaning of life since it is long-term. Happiness is largely based on the present factors, while meaningfulness factors on the past, present and future integrated. Smith ESfahai and Daniel Gilbert have similar views on happiness and the meaning of life. In fact, they both emphasize that finding the meaning of life is shifting our attention from focusing on oneself to other people. People are always in search of a happy life, and…show more content…
Happiness is centered on satisfying desires. In fact, happy people tend to find that their lives are easy and fulfilling. Happy people often claim that they have the capability to purchase and acquire the things they want and need, contributing more to their happiness. In addition, health is attributed to happiness. Indeed, healthy people seem happier than sick people do. The more often people feel good, a feeling arising from achieving what one wants and needs, the more they feel happy. Meaningful life, on the other hand, does not rely entirely on achieving what one wants or needs (Martela, and Steger, 532). In the case of good health, a person can still find their meaning even in a state of poor health. Regarding feeling good or bad, these are irrelevant things when it comes to meaning and a person who has found meaning can thrive even in the worst of conditions. Viktor Frankl was arrested and put into a Nazi concentration camp. He stated that his wife and family, whom they were captured together, were unable to survive, but he had a greater meaning of life and came out alive. Consequently, he stated that there is some uniqueness that distinguishes different people thus giving them a reason for existence, even when denied the basic needs and wants in life (Smith, 1). In an illustration, he gave the example of two suicidal inmates. In this case, he explained that it was…show more content…
Happiness is always centered on being the taker. Being a taker boosts happiness rather than improving on the meaning. In connection, there is a relevance in how people connect with friends, which offers more. The same case applies when having a beer with friends, or a nice lunch, all contributing to happiness. This factor comes in with the issue of the depth of the relationship. Happiness is more of a strong driving force, that if you want something, you can go ahead and get it, like a hunger that needs satisfaction. People become happier after getting what they want. In fact, time with friends results in simple pleasures. In the case of the meaning of life, a person gets more meaning when he or she gives, which includes giving love, time or even resources in a social setting (Stavrova, and Luhmann, 471). This then limits the issue of being selfish but looking around to satisfy other people. A meaningful life is what separates us from the animals. For example, animals have needs, which when denied are not satisfied. Leading a more meaningful life comes from getting a lot of joy from giving to other people. In addition, Daniel Gilbert, a professor of psychology at Harvard University claimed that life becomes more fulfilling when we learn to give to other people. Accordingly, he stated that the information given even in a newspaper has more impact on our generation by

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