Getting Things To Be Happy Essay

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If we look at our own surrounding, it can be observed that varieties of people taught from the very young age that happiness is mostly about getting what they want, or what they dreamt for in life in order to get the satisfaction they want. To illustrate this point, parents and media taught us that having a lot of money, or getting a nice car can fulfill your needs in life which is incorrect. However, we should know that happiness is not only about getting things to be happy, I argue that it is more about giving. Furthermore, as evidence giving and helping so little to a person that is in need can make you more fulfill and not getting something you don 't need while you already have it, or giving can make people happier and led them into a well-being life. There could be…show more content…
It 's something that exists and surrounded by us and we just have to adapt it in order to get into that state of mind. Although we as humans need to find it in order to find happiness and finding happiness is not only about getting those things that you want in your life, of course, having those things that you want can make you happier such as money, car, house, and other things, but happiness of these goods can only last for some couple of days. What if you think about giving what you have even if it is a small amount in order to be happy? This condition will definitely last longer and it will make you happier. To clarify, there many things consider being small to give such as giving advice to someone, giving love to a person, paying someone’s bills, and other things. All of these actions can make you and someone else happy. Also, those people who actually give so little rather than get so many will have a well-being life comparing to those who get. Additionally, in order to be happy you have to find the little things in your life and share it in order to make yourself and the others happy, and to build a happier
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