Essay On Antonia And Happiness

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The Websters Dictionary portrays or defines happiness as a state of content,satisfaction or euphoria.Happiness is something that cannot be forced or simulated and it is more that just a simple feeling or emotion.It is more than just a noun used in the vocabulary of the average third grade child.Happiness is an undescribable sentiment that anything can experience depending on that specific thing.It is natural and one of a kind.Jim defines happiness as"to be dissolved into something complete and great.When it comes to one it comes as natural as sleep".I do believe that this is something that Antonia would agree with.Being a young Bohemian girl she was poor and many would say she no not what happiness was.Especially them moving to a new place where they dont speak the language and barely get by each day.This is not the case though as she finds happiness and it is as breathing to her.Upon one of her first meeting with the narrator Antonia feels a deep happiness.The…show more content…
Antonia is admirable character that intrigues many readers that come across this novel.Antonia displays different characteristics that catches the admiration of Cather.Overall Antonia is a passionate young Bohemian child.Antonia shows her loving passion throughout the novel multiple times.In the first interaction with Antonia the narrator describes Antonia 's behavior.The narrator says "When we reached the level and could see the gold tree tops,I pointed toward them,and Antonia laughed and squeezed my hand as if to tell me how glad she was I had come.This clearly highlights her passion as a young character.The writer also displays this trait in the story when it says "She looked at me,her eyes fairly blazing with things she could not say".Antonia not being able to speak English at the time could not verbally express her passion.Antonia is also philomatic.She loves learning new things.Antonia loves her lessons to learn and read english.The narrator tells us this when he states that "Almost everyday she
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