The Importance Of Happiness In Life

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I 've taken a lot of trips around the sun and I 'd like to think I have picked up some wisdom along the way. I don 't have all the answers to the problems this world has - but who does? I do know that happiness in life doesn 't come from your grades, neither in the material things we have today. When there 's a time that you feel like a complete failure like me, you learn that it 's the little things in life that actually matters.
The heat of the scorching sun during summer, the melody of the rain produces these days, the soft blow of the wind that touches my skin - these are all the things I 've come to truly cherish, that had no real significance but could bring me joy. It 's a total cliché, I know but there 's always a point in time when you 'll just wake up and realize that those clichés were true. Nowadays, we are moving too fast to notice the special moments that we should really adore. We tend to forget and neglect these moments, but how ironic it is when you just feel like crying in the comfort room and ask God where is the HAPPINESS that you should be feeling and experiencing, you 'll then realize that these little things could be your daily dose of happiness.
Look around the four corners of this room. Aren 't the people around you a blessing? Are they not just your classmates but also your "friends"? Some gems who dry your tears and help you every time you 're in need? When was the last time you told them how much you thank and appreciate them? Well, it is the

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