Happiness In Life

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I 've taken a lot of trips around the sun and I 'd like to think I have picked up some wisdom along the way. I don 't have all the answers to the problems this world has - but who does? I do know that happiness in life doesn 't come from your grades, neither in the material things we have today. When there 's a time that you feel like a complete failure like me, you learn that it 's the little things in life that actually matters.
The heat of the scorching sun during summer, the melody of the rain produces these days, the soft blow of the wind that touches my skin - these are all the things I 've come to truly cherish, that had no real significance but could bring me joy. It 's a total cliché, I know but there 's always a point in time when
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It’s not the destination that counts, but the journey itself. Maybe life is full of heartaches, struggles, and things that will definitely make you curse your existence but don’t let these tear you down. I am from a broken family. I know how painful it was to check that box “Separated” in every form I had accomplished. Instead of having tattoos, doing drugs and engaging into troubles because of my situation, I’ve made my family my motivation to achieve my dreams in life. I just accepted the fact and stood strong. I showed them my love for I know, they are doing the same. I never took them for granted because I’m quite certain as to how bad it feels. My family is not perfect but that’s what makes it unique. These? These corny-but-sweet, little-yet-big, awkward-but-awesome things can make you appreciate how good it is to be happy. Perhaps, after all these opposing thoughts, you’ll be able to feel those little foundations of happiness in daily life. Maybe your life is a mess right now but trust me, everything will be okay. Every trial is going to be worth it.
There 's beauty all around you. You may not see it because of the dark clouds blocking your view now but hold on, do not let go and never give up. It doesn 't rain forever. Even if it does some Noah would build another ark just for you, rest assured. Let me share my favorite bible verse, Romans (8:18) "The pain you have been feeling, cannot be compared to the joy that is coming." Wait for the sun to shine again. By then, you will see all these pieces fall into place, with a smile on your beautiful face, as you appreciate and enjoy your life 's never ending
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