The Importance Of Harmony In Society

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In one of his plays, Spanish playwright Lope De Vega (1613) wrote that "love is pure love, for love is complete agreement." Originated from the Greek word harmos, harmony is the linkage of all things—devoid of chaos and discord ("", n.d.). Like the teeth of a pair of gears, harmony is the state of things fitting perfectly into each other. However, just as the size of each gear in each pair differs, the existence of harmony bears no meaning if diversity is absent. The usage of different colour schemes aids the painter in showing his mastery in the art of painting; likewise, diversity is essential in revealing the importance of harmony. Conversely, diversity without harmony results in chaos. In the context of this essay, diversity refers to social and cultural variety (i.e. ethnicity, gender, religion and political affiliation). Therefore, encouraging and protecting harmony within the variety of culture is important since peace among all nations can only be attained through it. Daisuke Ikeda once said that "to communicate the truths of history is an act of hope for the future" ("", 2016). History teaches us that firearms and large missiles are not ways to conflict resolution. Once war is initiated, the countries involved will first experience a downfall, economy-wise. Expenditure on military increases significantly as the demand for ammunition rises. Infrastructures of the countries involved might be destroyed due to consequences of war; causing

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