The Importance Of Harry Potter's Cho Chang

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Cho Chang is known for being the first love interest of Harry Potter. Harry first met Cho Chang in a quiditch match between ravenclaw and griffyndor when he spotted Cho Chang who plays seeker in ravenclaw quiditch’s team. Harry stated that she was the only girl in the team and that she was very beautiful. When Harry decides to attempt to have a relationship with Cho, we experience Harry’s first crush firsthand as he attempts to get her attention, helps her grieve over ex-boyfriends, and eventually pushes her aside as she deems worthless to him in the sixth novel. Cho’s spastic attention towards Harry grows over the series, and even though she moves from boy to boy after their break up, Rowling makes it seem that Cho never truly gets over Harry. (Pham, 2014) after Cho Chang, Ginny Weasley is the love interest of Harry Potter and eventually later in the books Harry ended up marrying her and have kids with her. We’ve known ginny since the first book as the sister of Ron Weasley but her relationship with Harry begins later on. She is a great feminist and nothing and no one will define her other than herself. She never lets a boy change who she is ."She stays true to herself even when Harry breaks up with her, for her own good which, of course, Ginny takes some offence to. She does not break down or stop functioning. She knows that her boyfriend has a tough job ahead of him and she accepts that sometimes life just happens." (Lee, 2013)
The traits and personality of Cho that
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