The Importance Of Hate Crimes In America

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Modern America along with the world, is becoming increasingly more accepting of diversity; meaning more of us are freely expressing ourselves. There will always be conflict about beliefs and feelings towards one another. Most people keep their own beliefs to themselves, then there is the type of individuals that feel they must put their beliefs into action and hurt others or destroy things to get their point across. Those actions performed by that type of person are called hate crimes. Hate crimes have significantly increased over the past few years and are getting worse each day. Statistics from 2016 show that the ‘frequency of hate crimes in America are increasing as the frequency of regular crimes in America are decreasing’ (FBI 1). In this day and age minority groups are starting to become the target of the people who commit these crimes. Consequently the main minority groups such as (Asians, Hispanics, African Americans, Jewish people, LGBT, and others) have been pushing to have hate crime laws passed in order to protect them and others from violence. These laws that are specifically for this issue are…show more content…
There has been places that have been more risky than others and people are starting to see these patterns over time. The individual who performs the hate crime is usually going to hunt their prey in either a highly populated area or a very unpopulated area, which is usually directed towards one person. The statistics from 2016 also have showed that:” The two largest percentages of hate crime incidents took place in or near residencies (27.3 percent) and on or near some type of roadway (18.4 percent) The remaining incidents were perpetrated at a variety of other locations” (FBI 3). In short, hate crimes can happen anywhere, meaning we are all at risk no matter where we are. Ideally, if we could reduce the number by providing programs for students and adults then that should reduce that number to a much smaller

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