The Importance Of Hate Crimes In The United States

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Within the United States hate crimes continue to occur against African Americans, members of the Jewish community, and Muslims. This by itself shows the lingering racism shown toward minority groups, and the continuing practice of anti-Semitism by groups such as the KKK and the Aryan Nation, and the unnecessary harassment of Muslims after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The life span of these hate groups and the commonness of the hate crimes in America illustrates the importance of the development of tolerance in today’s society so that hate is not allowed to triumph society. Hate crimes throughout the U.S. have been becoming more frequent while normal crimes start to dwindle. My objective in writing this paper is to tell you about…show more content…
Hate incidents do not become hate crimes until they directly instigate perpetrators to commit violent acts against someone’s property, or when they physically injure the victim. That means that hateful speeches, or other disrespectful and unjust behavior that might have been motivated by bias, are not illegal. Although hate crimes and hate incidents are different they both need to be taken care of because they both create a community-wide disturbance. They should be dealt with by law enforcement and not taken into the hands of the community. When dealt with by law enforcement it helps stabilize the community some while also aiding in the victim or victims recovery process. If law enforcement fails to respond within its jurisdiction the officers and the department will be open to increased inspection and possible liability. Many people also argue that hate speeches can be just as harmful and dangerous as hate crimes. Hate speeches are not considered a hate crime, can have the same amount of psychological trauma on the victim and the community as a hate crimes. Hate speeches are only considered hate incidents, but they can also encourage bias-motivated violence(Turner and…show more content…
Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics stated that hate crimes are not something that has recently started to occur. Hate crimes have also occasionally defined and shaped the history of nations. Things such as ethnic cleansing have occurred throughout history. An ethnic cleansing throughout history would be the Holocaust in which an estimated 6 million European Jews were murdered because of Adolf Hitler. In the U.S., there were the slaves and then there was the forced relocation of the Native Americans. Then there was the Ku Klux Klan. The Ku Klux Klan often terrorized African Americans and other individuals because of their
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