The Importance Of Hate Speech

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Japan’s very first law that protects racial minorities, such as Koreans, Chinese and other foreigners from hate speech in public was passed the Diet in May, 2016. Although it is a great improvement for protecting the right of minorities, however, the law does not actually ban hate speeches, because it does not sentence any penalties for violators. Moreover,it only covers people of overseas origin “who live legally in Japan” and it does not include undocumented immigrants, gender minority, religious minority other socially vulnerable people.Considering this situation,the author strongly suggests that Japan enact a new policy that truly restricts hate speech against various kinds of minorities. To be specific, Japan should introduce a law that restricts discriminative comments on internet, and also making a penalty for those who organized participated in a xenophobic rallies on internet. In the next paragraphs, the author discusses the importance of prohibiting hate speech in the internet. First of all, the restriction of hate speech on the media or the internet is strongly urged by international human rights organizations. To give a specific example, the report issued by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in 2014 claimed that “ hate speech and other behavior inciting racists violence and hatred based during rallies and in the media, including the internet, are “not always properly investigated and prosecuted” by Japanese
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