The Importance Of Having A Healthy Lifestyle

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Having a healthy lifestyle can help to keep and improve people’s health and well-being. A healthy lifestyle will help a person to live a happy life without being worried about getting sickness or infected by disease. Furthermore, having a healthy lifestyle might help to prolong your life than those who are not concern about their health. Hence, healthy diet, exercise regularly and good sleep are the best ways of practicing a healthy lifestyle. One of the ways of practicing a healthy lifestyle is having an exercise at least three times a week. Having an exercise can help to improves body health and control weight. In addition, according to Healthy Lifestyle (2014), exercise can help control the weight gain and maintain the weight loss. This is because, while exercising, our body will have a continuous movement, hence it can help to burn the calories and body fat. On the other hand, exercise and physical activity are the best way to make you feel better, because it can help to release stress. Consequently, you do not have to worry about getting…show more content…
With busy schedule, and many things to settled off they sometimes do not get enough sleeps or have a healthy and nutrient meals in their daily schedule. If these continue, there might be possibility that the death rate among young people will increase as they do not take care of their health accordingly. Thus, in order to prevent this unhealthy lifestyle, the government should organize a campaign of a healthy lifestyle in order to remind people about how important of having a healthy lifestyle in the life. In short, having a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways for us to enjoy our beautiful lives to the fullest. Living out healthy and stay fit will let us do many things without being worried about the risk of getting sick by

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