The Importance Of Having More Friends Essay

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I believe that having more friends are good. Having more friends is good for you and your friends. Your friends can make you smile and keep you having a good mood. They may help you with your homework and test studies. Also, they can inspire you and keep you healthy.
First of all, friends are needed to give you more courage and strength. Most of the people thinks that having more friends is good. 32 of the 6th grade students in ISSH answered a survey results which they answered almost the same as each other. The reason you need your friends is to give you more courage and strength because you need them to push you on, so that you don’t get scared and makes you do something that you didn’t want to do but, you eventually like it.
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In a website called Mayo Clinic, they said that friends can help you try out new things and make you achieve your goals by pushing you for doing things again and again. Also, friends can help achieve new goals. Sometimes, when you ask a friend about a serious problem such as, retaking tests or doing something again and again, you might receive an answer which is “Try again!” or, “You might be able to do it this time!” So, your friends are there also to push you to make more effort on that can be beneficial or enjoyable and have more credits for something you have failed or have not done properly. They can always give you courage as I have mentioned before, as they can decrease of your phobias. Additionally, they can because they keep pushing you to help you become a better person and they like you of course so, they push you to become the best that you can be.
As a conclusion, This is why I firmly believe that having more friends is good because they can give you courage and strength. They are also needed of making you relaxed and make you less stressed. Additionally,they can make you happier, healthier and inspire us with new ideas. Also, they can make you achieve new goals, push you so you gain more

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