Hazing Argumentative Essay

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Bianca Lizette O. Caibigan – A1A Is hazing really necessary to promote brotherhood? Fraternities nowadays believe that one should suffer from great pain just to prove their faithfulness to the group. There are multiple tests which the newbies undergo; paddling, punching, drowning and kicking. These tests do not only bring physical harm, but also mental and emotional harm. Everything turns out to be dangerous, especially now that hazing spreads quickly like a disease. Thus, Fraternities who undergo hazing should be annihilated immediately. Yes, using hazing in initiations in fraternities is unethical. But, everyone commits mistake and everyone deserves a second chance. Not everyone in the fraternity is aware of the ongoing hazing in the group. Sometimes it is only the subordinates who commence hazing without the seniors knowing or vice versa (Gannett, 2014). It is unreasonable to obliterate the whole group just for the fault of a few. Furthermore, given the chance that they will be considered; the group would learn their lesson and would evade from hazing. As what Haberman (2007) said, “It was important for the fraternity to show that responsibility and accountability count for a lot, and that something positive could come from this incident.” With their learning experience, fraternities would be…show more content…
Those involved are not excused from the law since they knew that they are committing crime in the first place (Phibeta, 2013). Again, according to Phibeta (2013), even young children are conscious that physical harassment is a crime so there will never be a way that members are unaware of the issue. Also, it is obvious that these fraternities are disputing the law (Avila, 2010). Since fraternities are aware that hazing is against the law, they should be desolated once they tried executing
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