The Importance Of Health Care In The United States

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“In my opinion, our health care system has failed when a doctor fails to treat an illness that is treatable” (Kevin Alan Lee 2011). Being a doctor is mean to cure diseases unconditionally. However, the healthcare system in the United States today has always been the top concern in every family and individual. As compared to most of other countries, their governments provide free health care to their citizens at any time (Sicko). We as one of the most powerful countries seems far left behind that people are still suffering from high medical expenses and are still fighting over a basic need of being covered with free health care. As taxpayers in the United States, we should be covered with free healthcare unconditionally and completely because everyone needs to be healthy for a…show more content…
Everyone needs to have an easy access to health care at some point and our tax money should benefit us from it. We should no longer need a “pass” to see a doctor and to be treated nor we should worry about expensive bill while struggling to be healthy at the same time. According to an article called “33 Million Americans Still Don’t Have Health Insurance”, the authors points out that there are 33 million Americans, which make up 10.4 percent of total U.S population have not yet been covered with healthcare (Anna Maria Barry-Jester and Ben Casselman, 2014). Although we have many reforms such as the Obamacare that were enacted by our president Barack Obama on March 2010 that aim to provide everyone with an affordable healthcare. It looks like this act has improved the situation overall that people who work in poverty can have free healthcare or just need to pay an affordable cost. However, the statistic still shows that people under such reform, 1 in 10 Americans is not

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