Essay On Health Education

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Learning improves the whole society and a continuous learning makes one an active contributor to the world. Everyone grows up as productive citizens experiencing positive self-esteem and a sense of potential for the future of the world. Learning increases the economy of the world. It helps everybody around the world to adapt, make new friends `and establish valuable relationships around the world, learning makes the world a better place.
The concept of health education has helped the public to learn a vast amount about the incidence and importance of disease. There is great enlightment on the scientific facts behind diseases. People now know what they are getting and why they are getting it.
Through this concept
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It has offered a way in which people who feel excluded can express their views and have them valued, and a means of listening to the voices of otherwise silenced people in our community, which continuous silence could be dangerous to the community and likewise the community at large. It is a tool for development of the community thereby leading to growth in the world. It has provided a means for individuals to find solidarity with others, and to develop mutual respect. This has allowed groups to bond around social issues and become active agents in their communities and beyond.
Education in all of its forms fosters engagement with community, society and the world around us. Community education creates more civil society
Instructional materials still remain the best practice in education delivery all over the world. It helps the students to retain what is being learnt easily, it also clarifies important concepts to arouse and sustain student’s interests, give all students in a class the opportunity to share experiences necessary for new learning, which can be used for the development of the world as a whole. It also impact the global economic melt-down in the world today.

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