The Importance Of Health Informatics

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Health is a major concern of today’s age. The development of information technology and computing changes the entire arena of life and the gradual development became responsible for the emergence of Digital Society. Information Technology is about the collection, selection, organization, processing, management and dissemination of information and similar contents viz. data and knowledge. For this task and affairs, several information technological tools have been used and it is increasing rapidly. Today it is very difficult to find out an area where utilization of information technology is absence. Hence healthcare is not an exception. Digital Health becomes an important concept these days for the creation of digital health and medical contents.…show more content…
Health Informatics is also known as Health Information Science. It is important to note that Information Science term popularized in United States and gradually well known in other countries as well [1], [5]. As far as Informatics is concerned the term popularized and conceptualized in UK and also used in other countries. Hence both ‘Information Science’ and ‘Informatics’ term become popular and same case to case basis. Today Health Informatics becomes important applied science branch of study and useful not only in developed nations but also in developing nations as well. The areas viz. Hospitals, healthcare units, medical diagnostics centre, clinical center, pharmaceutical centers and laboratories, clinical establishments are important clients and utilizing areas of Health Informatics skilled or knowledge products [2],[3], [7]. Universities are offering BSc, MSc, PhD, even Post Doctoral Degrees in the field of Health Information Science. In India as well initially only deemed universities offered the program and gradually in recent past, some of the universities started to offer the program on Health Informatics. The growth of private universities is the main reason behind this [4], [6]. Though, sometimes allied branches are also offered in Health…show more content…


The main aim of this research work is to include the following (should not be confused with only limited to these)—

• To learn about the Health Informatics including its basic, its meaning and characteristics.
• To dig out the core areas of Health Informatics or Health Information Science branches which are emerging rapidly.
• To find out the early days of Health Informatics promotion and development in India in a brief manner.
• To learn about the Health Informatics programs available worldwide and their changing area of specialization.
• To learn about the private universities in India with reference to the institutions of Health Informatics programs.
• To dig out the basic of Health Informatics programs in India other than Private Universities.
• To find out the core challenges, issues and the key concern of Health Informatics promotion in India with reference to educational projects.


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