The Importance Of Health Information Systems

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Public health organizations require well-designed information systems in order to make optimal use of the mounting supply of health-related data. Organizations rely on these systems to inform managerial decision making and improve operations in areas such as epidemiologic surveillance, health outcomes assessment, program and clinic administration, program evaluation and performance measurement, public health planning, and policy analysis. Information systems have emerged as an essential public health tool. Today, information systems provide real-time data to guide public health de¬cisions. The rise in importance of health information systems (HISs) has three fundamental sources:
(1) the expanding breadth of data available from multi¬ple public
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There are several career opportunities in Health Information Management and many different traditional and non-traditional settings for an HIM professional to work within.

Traditional settings include: Managing an HIM medical records department, cancer registry, coding, trauma registry, transcription, quality improvement, release of information, patient admissions, compliance auditor, physician accreditation, utilization review, physician offices and risk management.
Non-traditional settings include: consulting firms, government agencies, law firms, insurance companies, correctional facilities, extended care facilities, pharmaceutical research, information technology and medical software companies.
Professional health information managers manage and construct health information programs to guarantee they accommodate medical, legal, and ethical standards. They play a crucial role in the maintenance, collection, and analyzing of data that is received by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare players. In return these healthcare data contributors rely on the information to deliver quality healthcare. Managers must work with a group of information technicians to guarantee that the patient's medical records are accurate and are available when
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A CHISP professional needs to process knowledge of the health care environment, Health IT, IT, and soft skills including communication

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