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- Introduction
Health literacy is about how a person is able to have access to health information that is accurate, understandable and actionable. It is dependent on the communication skills between individuals and a professional. Health literacy is important internationally where basic skills is needed to not only maintain, but also being able to access the healthcare system locally. In addition, an individual who have good health literacy would be able make an appointment, to use information given by the doctor and understand prescription on medication given.

- Why is it important (outcomes)
Health Literacy is important as limited health literacy is related with poor health. Some examples include Use of preventive services, Knowledge about
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Reason being, as some of the points mentioned above, we are putting our health at risks of potentially falling ill, contracting certain diseases and misinterpretation. This creates like a barrier to live a healthier life. Having low health literacy rate would not only affect a person individually, but also affect others at the same time. For example, a mother brings a 4 year old daughter to the doctor because she has fever. Doctor prescribes the medicine and told the mother to follow the recommended dose of medication to be given to her daughter. But, the mother misinterpreted “tsp” – being teaspoon- to tablespoon. And instead of giving 4 teaspoon, she ends up feeding her daughter 4 tablespoons which is way above the recommended amount of dosage for her daughter. Some of the symptoms of overdose in children includes vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, drooling or dry mouth.

- Suggestions
There are many ways to help improve the health literacy in older adults in Singapore which includes the use of technologies and interventions such as using simple English and having pictures to lessen the problem. The first suggestion is intervention for better medication adherence. By having an automated calling system, it serves as a reminder to patients of when they need to have medication because patients may be resting and forgets to take their medication. This reminder would help in better medication

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