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Health statistics are important for knowing the health status of the whole population and its various segments and groups, as well as the trend in health status, the provision and distribution of healthcare services, and the impact of the provided services and programs. he success or failure of healthcare programs cannot be veriied without properly collected and interpreted health statistics. Proper allocation of resources also depends on health statistics. Researchers, presenters, and health care workers and students always need health statistics. However, it is not uncommon to ind a local article or presentation, which reports health statistics from all over the world, but fail to report local statistics from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).…show more content…
Journals included in this database are listed in Table 1.
d) SaudiMedBase. Saudi MedBase is a bibliographic database published by Saudi Medical Journal and covers
9 Saudi medical journals for the period from 1979 to
1999. he database is available on CDROM only and can be purchased through the website of Saudi Medical
Journal. he project is very important and aims to ill a notable gap. Obviously, the limitation is the period covered. In addition, the search engine included is primitive. he journals covered in the database are summarized in Table 1.
e) Saudi Research DataBase (SRDB). he SRDB is a service of King Abdulaziz City for Science and
Technology and aims to index supported scientiic research in KSA. It is not conined to medical ield but has the ability to limit the search to medical research only. Most research are not yet published and researchers can ind high quality information for health statistics.
Using the database website ( needs free registration.
2. Registries. Various disease registries are available in
KSA although they difer in their scope and geographic coverage. Hence, researchers need to make sure they are aware of the characteristics of each registry

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