Public Health Approach Analysis

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Register to read the introduction…Thus, public health approach is to deal with all the determinants of health which requires multi sectoral collaboration and inter disciplinary coordination. Health care includes medical care and care of the determinants of health (this collective approach will help to improve the health of the community).Public Health approach is a holistic approach which encompasses all elements required for healthy living. It controls disease through health promotion, specific protection and by restoration and rehabilitation. In addition, disease surveillance which informs about ongoing as well as emerging public health issues is a core public health function. Other important functions are developing partnerships, formulation of regulations/laws, planning/policies and Human Resource Development. Thus it is important for building strong health system for second populated country like India that must response to community needs particularly for the poor. Health is a significant goal as well as central input for any developing countries for their economic development.
Total population (2012) 1,240,000,000
Gross national income per capita (PPP international $, 2012) 3,910
Life expectancy at birth m/f (years,
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• The emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases may be attributed to social events like war or civil conflicts, rapid urbanisation and industrialisation, migration of population, agricultural practices and food production, ecological changes which may be manmade or natural; human behaviour changes, improved health care facilities for diagnosis and management, microbial adaptation by development of drug resistance, changes in virulence and toxin production, mutation, etc.

• Non-communicable diseases will become a major public health problem in the country due to changing life styles, increasing stress and tensions in the modern society, with increase in the number of aged people, there will be higher incidence and prevalence of diseases like Hypertension; IHD, Diabetes, Cancers and the whole range of geriatrics
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