The Healthcare System: A Case Study

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A healthcare is a provision of medical care services to the society in an organized way. Healthcare system has been over the years improving to provide better services to improve the quality of life. Currently, the healthcare system has advanced to incorporated new technologies offering careers and therefore availing revenue for application in the research. Despite the improvements in the healthcare, in the last few years, it has been declining in quality leading it into turmoil. The system has been failing in offering fundamentals job to offer satisfying services to its clients just like any other business.
Reasons for healthcare in turmoil
The healthcare system is in turmoil despite the affordable care act which was to provide healthcare
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The affordable care act was enacted in 2010 and started functioning in 2014, it was an act to ensure citizens are covered though it did not cover everyone living out about twenty-seven million who are still not insured. Amongst those who were not insured are illegal immigrants, low-income individuals in states who could not afford premiums, individuals who unquestionable reasoned insurance was not financially sound, and some who believed they could live without insurance cover. Those who are insured are still not satisfied since coverage of health insurance is not enough since they lack better quality care to patients who seek healthcare services. This, in turn, makes the patients not to get a service that gives health. The impact of lack of coverage to those who are not insured under the PPACA is that when you are capable of being insured and you don’t you will pay a fee called individual shared responsibility payment. And in a condition whereby you are met with an accident and maybe ill, the healthcare service will be fairly expensive due to the rising cost of healthcare, therefore, disadvantaging the affected…show more content…
Other benefits gained from the national health insurance is the quality service improvement, reduction in cost, reform on the payment, prevention and wellness and providing financial services for the new healthcare. The financial benefit is by having a healthy young nations health insurance will subsidize the senior citizens and those who are experiencing less health status having a counter form making it cheap to finance the healthcare hence ensuring the cost reduction. The new healthcare has reformed the payment where the affordable care acts the value and outcome will be paid for against the former one where one is rewarded for doing more. The quality service improvement will involve the showcasing of indicators of quality and be conducting research which is efficiently comparative. Additionally, the wellness and prevention where there is an investment in the preventive medicine and on the wellness by providing the incentives to carry out the

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