The Importance Of Healthy Food Essay

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For children and adults it can be hard to stay healthy, and the problem is junk food. Staying healthy isn’t as easy as people think, but to try to enforce healthier eating habits, schools are thinking about taking away junk food. Although, many would agree junk food is very delicious, schools should also provide healthy food for kids. Many kids have obesity therefore it will lead up to long-term impacts, so if schools provide healthy food there is a better chance your child will create healthy habits for the future and have a better lifestyle. Many kids have obesity. Today about one in five school aged children (ages 6-19) are obese. In an article Michelle Obama said “as a mom myself, I am so excited that schools will now be offering healthier choices to students and reinforcing the work we do at home to help our kids stay healthy.” Clearly many kids don’t like healthy food and they will not eat…show more content…
Being obese or even just being unhealthy is linked to sickness and a lot of the times heart conditions. Imagine you as a child being obese, you would be putting your life in harm way and it could lead up to something very unwanted. The obesity of a child could take away confidence, which can lead to depression etc. In an article called “Childhood Obesity Facts” it stated “Children with obesity are bullied and teased more than their normal weight peers, and are more likely to suffer from social isolation, depression, and lower self esteem.” And yes the school can not be the only ones blamed for the obesity of children, because the kids only eat at least one and maybe two meals during school. However enforcing the habits of eating healthy at school they would then go home and take their “knowledge” with them. There for being obese and unhealthy has a ton of downfalls and putting your life in danger is not worth it. Kids will suffer then as an adult they will suffer as

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