Hedonic Consumption Behavior Analysis

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While emotional behaviors, sensual pleasures, imagination and aesthetics are in the foreground in the hedonic expectations of consumers, the functional and rational aspects of a product play a more important role in utilitarian expectations. Hedonic consumption is more subjective and more personal in terms of outcomes. When mission is completed, that is shopping is realized, it is more fun and delightful. Therefore, hedonic shopping creates potential entertainment and emotional value. Furthermore, consumers are more stimulated, participate in the shopping process, feel themselves free, have a fantasy motivation, and though temporarily, forget about their problems (Babin et al., 1994). However, adventure, gratification, value and idea…show more content…
The level of this behavior varies according to the characteristic of the consumers. In this context, it can be stated that hedonic shopping differentiates based on gender, that men show more rationalist purchasing behaviors, and that women do shopping with the expectation of pleasure (Jackson et al., 2011). Furthermore, hedonic consumption habits have positive effects on the desire to purchase. Consumers acting more with a hedonic instinct are individuals who spend more time shopping during their free time, like looking around, buy definitely something during shopping and make use of credit card installments. Such behavior is also affected by the design of the shopping center and visual and audial aspects (Budisantoso and Mizerski, 2010). This study also stresses that shopping centers influence consumers who show hedonic purchasing behavior and that businesses should be aware of that. Levels of color usage affect individuals both in the imaginary and hedonic sense; while warm colors like red and yellow stimulate to act, and cold colors like blue and green cause the individuals to think and wait more. Besides, music in stores, the sound in them, noise and the level of temperature are other aspects influencing consumer…show more content…
However, according to (Levesque and McDougall, 1996) satisfaction is conceptualized as an overall, customer attitude towards a service provider. Similarly, they also claim that shopping satisfaction is the accumulated experience of a customer’s purchase and shopping process experiences. It was therefore; client satisfaction construct in this paper will be measured through overall satisfaction toward the services. In the article, shopping satisfaction usually refers to the latter type of outcome. Moreover, this mental state, which we view as a cognitive judgment, is conceived of as falling somewhere on a bipolar continuum bounded at the lower end by a low level of satisfaction (expectations exceed performance perceptions) and at the higher end by a high level of satisfaction (performance perceptions exceed

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