The Importance Of Heritage

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What is the Heritage ?

According to the definition from The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) : “Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations, Our cultural and natural heritage are both irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration”. ICOMOS, an international non-governmental organization also clearly defined that: “expression of the ways of living developed by a community and passed on from generation to generation, including customs, practices, places, objects, artistic expression and values”. Heritage can not only be expressed in tangible (including buildings, monuments, landscapes, objects, and artifacts), and also included intangible (including traditions, language, knowledge and memory).

Heritage often perceived as the protection and save of past. In fact, heritage is important to us because it is the fundamental to learn history and evidence of the past human activity of the city, The heritage also elaborates the transformative process in social from past in the present of urban area by generations. Each city and place remains its distinct cultural characteristics and historical background, make its specific identity and uniqueness of each community.
In addition, the living community accompanied the culture heritage always presents the cultural creativity. The historic building is a collective property which not only embeds into the objects and practices but rather

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