The Importance Of Heritage Tourism

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III. Heritage tourism change With the advancement of economic globalization and regional integration, the human society is from the traditional natural economy and industrial economy toward a cultural economic era. Countries, regions and ethnic consciousness of one 's own cultural resources protection and utilization continuously strengthen. The characteristic culture as unique resources of regional economy became the important of comprehensive national strength and national competitiveness. With the vigorous development of the international and domestic tourism, the heritage as a kind of cultural resources which attracted a large number of consumers have made people increasingly realize the importance and necessity of the economic value of…show more content…
It is a period in the history of politics, economy, military, culture and other aspects of reflection and it accumulated rich history information, covering various periods of human works from ancient times. As Hall and Zeppel (1990) tells us, heritage tourism, whether in the form of visiting preferred landscapes, historic sites, buildings or monuments, is also experiential tourism in the sense of seeking an encounter with nature or feeling part of the history of a place. For example, in China there is a province borders Vietnam and Laos respectively, which is called Yunnan province. The advantage of Yunnan tourism reflects on local characteristics and national characteristics, and this is the important condition of Yunnan tourism relies for survival and development. Since 1978, Yunnan province relied on the unique advantages, focus on development and cultivate the heritage tourism industry. The Yunnan tourism experienced from the "reception business type" to the" economic industrial type", and then to the change of the "pillar industry". The industry realized from big to strong development, exploration and worked out of accords with the practice of Yunnan heritage tourism characteristic development. According to the data (Zhenming 2011), in 2009 the province tourism income of 81 billion RMB, the added value of 38 billion RMB and the tourism drive the…show more content…
As China 's first world natural heritage, in addition to the charming natural scenery, the region also shielded by a large number of endangered plant and animal species that compelling. According to the Wulingyuan tourist statistics in recent years, with the exception of 2008 due to factors such as earthquake, snow storms and the financial crisis affect by the tourism, in each of the visitors and tourism income is relatively stable upward trend. The latest figures show that 2010 tourism economy strong recovery, expected tourism accumulated up to 15.23 million visitors in total, compared with 2009 it increased almost 4 million (UNESCO 2014). And the tourism revenue is 5.4 billion RMB, which up to 13%, over the same period in 2007 to its highest level. In 2009, Wulingyuan was named the “national civilized scenery tourist area” and passed the digital pilot and 5A grade scenic spot check. Scenic spots through the international quality system certification, environmental and occupational health and safety standards. In 2010, the scenic spot used "avatar" to carry out the theme marketing and construct international leisure tourism resort actively. In the meantime, also cooperated with CCTV, China Geography and the United states NBC these kinds of social media actively, successful hosting the first China international leisure tourism festival and the international academic seminar of

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