The Importance Of Hero In Persepolis

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When one hears the word hero, they might think of a muscular man in a tight outfit with a cape. Others may imagine a firefighter who just saved a house from a serious fire. In reality hero’s are all around, in everyday life. We all find a hero sooner or later, someone who inspires and motivates us. In the novel Persepolis, Marji found her hero in her uncle Anoosh. Persepolis is a memoir, written my Marjane Strapi, who grew up during the Iranian Revolution. Marji is not like the other girls though; she believes she can make a difference. It hurts her to just sit and watch, because she knows that in reality things don’t have to be this way. Persepolis is a story of courage, love and family. This essay will discuss the importance of the chosen moment in the book, as well as describe how the panels present development in symbolism, characterization and conflict.

The moment, which will be analyzed, takes place right after Marji hears the story of her brave uncle Anoosh. With war going around, children began believing that if your parent ends up in jail it is sort of prestigious. In the protagonist’s family no one ever actually stood out of the crowd. Her parents protested in riots, yet they never did anything heroic. Marji on the other hand wanted to fight and she needed a role model. When her Uncle showed up, she right away created a bond with him. She never knew how much he would mean to her though. He was a secret agent in Russia, was in prison, yet he managed to
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