The Importance Of Heroes In Society

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At first glance, most people believe that children today have no true heroes to admire, but actually heroes do exist. Unfortunately, young people do not recognize these heroes, and continue to mistake the wealth, fame and appearance of celebrities for the traits of a genuine hero. Because there is a lack of recognized heroes today, young people think that money is power and that appearances matter most. True heroes define themselves by physically helping others, not just funding a cause with money. They help others for the common good, not the fame. Although it may not be obvious, heroes do exist today and can be found in all sorts of places locally, nationally and even globally. In the city of Boston, many families live without access to sufficient food. Project Bread, an organization dedicated to stopping hunger in Massachusetts, has been working for years to raise money and awareness for those who struggle to find food daily. The woman who runs this non-profit organization has dedicated her life’s work to helping others, a true heroic accomplishment. On a larger scale across America, heroes can be found working hard to help others in need or people devastated by a natural disaster. For example, when hurricane Sandy rolled into the Northeast, the American Red Cross immediately stepped in to help those most directly hurt by the storm. The Red Cross, consisting mostly of volunteers, handed out food to people who had no access to it, created shelters for those whose houses

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