The Importance Of Heroism In Beowulf

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The epic oral poem, Beowulf, is well known for many things. It is known for its great use of a hero and its engaging story. The poem is about Beowulf and his journey as a hero. Beowulf is known for being a great hero, and was well known back when it was told by bards in the 1000’s AD. Many attributes of Beowulf’s character can be seen throughout the story. The courage of Beowulf’s Heroism is displayed through his various quests to protect his honor and prove his strength. “So. The Spear-Danes in days gone by and the kings who ruled them had courage and greatness” (Beowulf, 1-3). The very first lines of the epic tale show the importance of courage. Beowulf’s courage is displayed by the first time he appears when he is introduced as “the man whose name was known for courage” (340-341). Beowulf had to cross the sea to defeat Grendel, who was considered one of the “reavers from hell” (162). When he fights Grendel he is not afraid in any way. It was clear that “Grendel would have killed more if wise God and man 's courage had not forestalled that fate” (Verney, 27). He displays his courage twice more when he is fearless and accepts to fight Grendel’s mother, and later the dragon. “Beowulf experiences neither the refusal of the call nor the refusal of the return” (Kelley, 138).
Beowulf’s heroism is in some ways defined by the many quests he went on. He was first tasked to save the Danes from certain death by the hands of Grendel. He is called by King Hrothgar to come help. After
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