The Importance Of Hiding Places During The Holocaust

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Hiding places during the Holocaust
How did someone come up with secret rooms to hide Jews in during the Holocaust? The person was probably a Jew themselves seeking for a place where Germans couldn't find them. The location of a spot helped people have more time to get into it faster. People also made the walls of certain materials so you couldn't hear people breathing on the other side of it. Friends and family who worked with the "underground" safely transported the Jews to safer houses. The hiding places in many people's houses played a huge role during the Holocaust in saving many of the Jew’s lives.
The main purpose was to hide Jews so they couldn't get caught. Other people constructed them for ration cards and other valuables that Germans wanted. Many Jews in these hiding places were spared because of the great architecture of the people that constructed them. Although these great hiding spots were there, lots of Jews didn't have them and were brought to concentration camps before they could be sent to a good home. Also many people wouldn't take Jews in their house because if you got caught, you would be severely punished. Those are the main reasons why hiding places were constructed in that time.
The location of the hiding spot helped the Jews hide quickly and without getting caught. The ones higher up gave the Jews
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Location and architecture of the hiding spots also saved them because the German guards couldn't find the spots or the Jews that were hiding in the house. The main purpose of the hiding places was mostly accomplished and few Jews in these spots were discovered by the Germans. The "underground" and the phone company helped move Jews safely to the other houses where they would be taken care of by their friends and family. That is why the hiding place,was a great success of the people who used it in that
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