The Importance Of High Modernism

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In James Scott’s critique of the high modernist city, he sees high modernism as a pursuit to construct a society with scientific laws. It is an ideology which transcends the traditional divisions between the political left and right and has attracted anyone who believed the benefits of scientific progress can be applied in every sphere of human activity through state to bring about utopian change. As a consequence, the high modernists believe that historical and traditional practice should deserve little attention; therefore, they discount any historical and traditional knowledge gained through long experience. Although Scott’s critique has its merits and I agree that biggest pitfall in high modernist thinking lies in the misguided assumption that successful and functional realities must be legible, we cannot discount the significance of high modernism ideals in the Singapore government’s which resulted in the continuous priority on order, development, and progress resulting in Singapore transformation from a third world country to a marvel of modernity and one of the richest countries in the world. Much of Scott’s argument is polished by his critique of high modernism as a mode of urban planning in Brasilia. Scott criticised Le Corbusier’s plans which was based on his absolute belief in the scientific foundation of his method. Le Corbusier abhorred all things that did not conform to rules of geometric precision such as straight lines or right angles and
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