The Importance Of High School Education

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Pupils who achieve top marks in GSAT seek and gain places in highly subscribed traditional high schools, leaving low-performing students to fill the available spaces in upgraded secondary schools. There should be no issue with the dispersion of these high performers across all the high schools in Jamaica, if parents can be assured that their children would receive the same quality of education and a chance to holistic growth and development from secondary institutions. Many might retaliate against this statement but the truth of the matter is that many of our high schools lack adequate resources, effective administration, financial support for needed materials, and in some cases, well-trained or qualified teachers. Why should we be placing ANY student (whether he/she is a high or low performer) in a school with poor lighting conditions, poor ventilation, absentee teachers or principals, and poor administration facilities? I agree that we need to ensure that our students are not "bunched" because of their high or low performance but in addition to this we also need to ensure that our system itself is not one that is supporting this kind of unequal distribution. No matter the level of achievement, all students across our nation need to be enrolled in an institution that offers them the best. At present this cannot be guaranteed. In fact, it is possible that those labelled as "low achievers" may not be exelling as they should because of the horrible conditions under which they
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