High School Experience

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I feel that to properly understand me you should receive an understanding about my high school experience, my academic mistakes, my long term goals,and how I plan on succeeding at Lindenwood University. I strongly believe that Lindenwood is the perfect place to cultivate my interests into a career and I want to convince whoever it may concern that i will not waste this opportunity.
High School was always this vision of freedom that middle school Destiny yearned for. Being a fan of cliche high school show tropes I thought being in high school would be like being in an episode of “Glee”. I soon realized that highschool is not some teenage dream. My freshmen year 4 people at my school were either killed or died. One of those people was someone
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It made sense to me. I never had a moment in time where I wanted to give up in an english class because it was hard. As those 2 Failures on my transcript indicate, that was not the case for me in math. With time to look over the outcome I realized I gave up. After I was out of school for around a month after my ACL surgery it was hard to catch up but It was not impossible. I didn 't try enough because I already thought my grade was too far gone and that rolled over into the next semester. After the school year I was very disappointed in myself. I never have failed a class in my life but here I was applying for summer school. So I redirected my disappointment and decided to excel at summer school. I did my homework everyday, I payed attention, and I actually gained an understanding of the material I was learning. I went as far to ask my parents to give me a tutor to be certain I had no excuses. And now in my senior year in highschool my grade never dropped below a B. Refusal to fail is now in my…show more content…
Politics is something that will continually affect me day in and day out and is vastly interesting to me. If I could run someone’s campaign, write political news, or really be in any room where political affairs happen I’d love every second of what I do. My main goal overall is to be a lawyer and the law and government tie directly into each other. Which is why i think a great undergraduate degree is political science. I try to be as realistic as possible in most situations, I know college is not going to be easy especially with the major that chose me. But after my visits to Lindenwood I understand all the ways that help is accessible to me. And since my failure in Algebra 2 the year prior I’ve gained new ways to make it fool proof that I remember to do my work. With the help of calendars, alarms on my phone, and writing and recording notes as the professor speaks I feel that I am prepared to succeed at college. With these tools I fully plan on surpassing others in my pursuit of higher education.
In conclusion my failures do not define me as a student. I know what I need to do in order to succeed now and I know what goals are in my sights. I am very confident in the fact that I will not disappoint. I know if I want to defend and prove innocence as my career I have to first prove myself worthy. Please accept me and my mistakes as a student who is willing to learn and grow. At first I was a
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