The Importance Of High School Sports

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Sports can be fun and entertaining for spectators as well as athletes. As an athlete, playing sports is viewed by many as a way to escape stress and feel great afterward. It is a great way to have fun with friends, be productively competitive, and stay in physical shape. A talented enough student athlete can even be recognized by the local newspaper and its audience. Today, however, high school sports’ competitiveness and especially their importance have increased exponentially from the past. The intensity is so much higher than it used to be, no matter the age or sport. Coaches have become more serious and determined about developing their athletes to what they believe is their fullest potential. Another thing that has changed is that some parents feel the need to be their child’s coach off the field by adding their own training and advice. When it goes like this we start to feel like school work along with other activities have to make way for sports.
These days we feel like there is no such thing as having a choice concerning absence during practice for student athletes. A lot of coaches’ only main concern is that their athletes are at practice on time and no excuses. For some coaches, even the smallest increments of time that a player is late can really make a coach mad. No matter the reason, if it is that the student is making up school work, working, volunteering or participating other activities, the coach simply does not care. Some will let it go if they are alerted
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