High School Sports Argumentative Analysis

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People are debating whether sports in high school is a distraction to students or a way to help students establish better characteristic and encourage them to go to school. High School sports can expand school spirit, give opportunities and positive recognition to student, this can help students be more confident about themselves. In some schools, sports over shadow the achievement of other programs like music, academic and arts program. People think that this is unfair because the sport teams gets more resources from the community. Although some believes that sports should not be included in education, participating in sports can help students improve in behaviors and bring students to a better and brighter future in society. Therefore, sports should be a part of the curriculum in American high schools.
Sports can help students develop good citizenship at school and also build a healthier body. Joining a sport team can help students improve students’ self esteem and health, these traits are really important for them because they need confident to do better in school. For example, “The National Federation of State High School Activity Associations promotes that ‘participation and sportsmanship’ in an effort to ‘develop good citizens through interscholastic activities which provide equitable opportunities, positive recognition and learning experiences to students while maximizing the achievement of educational goals.’” (source 2) This shows that sports can actually help students
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Sports can help build a healthier body, better citizenship, learn to enjoy the process, helping students success at a very high level, and learn to set a goal. In order to help students have more motivation and enjoy to go to school, sports should be a part of the curriculum in American High
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