The Importance Of High School Sports

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Millions of parents and athletes across the country have encountered the issue of playing time when it comes to high school sports. Each one of them is oblivious to the fact that playing time is decided by ability. Not by the coach. Innings, playing time, minutes, games- It is called many different things, however, they all mean the same thing- how hard the athlete is willing to work towards the sport and whether they show it. Therefor, high school coaches should not be required to give equal playing time to all of the players on the team because it is an unfair practice and stunts the growth of the more successful players. To begin with, a coach should not be required to equally split up playing time among the players because it shields the ability level of each individual athlete, making it extremely unfair to the hardest-working, most-talented players. After all, “Coaches don’t decide playing time; players do” (Bowen). Fred Bowen has coached high school sports for over 30 years and has said this to the parents of every player he has ever had before the season starts. By regarding the issue of playing time outwardly and honestly, he has managed to avoid the issue before it turned into a problem. If the coach does not think that a particular player deserves to be the team’s starting Quarterback for the whole game, then no one is to blame besides that player. Equally distributed playing time is not only unfair to the best players, but is also unfair to the coach who is
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