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High school students is allowed to work while they are study, high school students is allowed to work, because students can learn more thing not only testing and listening to teacher. For example, they can spend their time wisely, being responsibility in everything. Second, they can get some pay to help their family or pay for their student fee. Third, they can connect to workplace faster, also gain interpersonal and communication skills. High school student is allowed to work, work can improve their interpersonal and communication skills. So that is the choice to work in high school or not.
First, student is allowed to work during the study, because they can get some pay to help their family or pay for their student fee. Part
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John Robert Warren (Department of Sociology and the Center for Demography and Ecology of the University of Wisconsin - Madison) state that “In 1940, only about 6 percent of enrolled boys and 3 percent of enrolled girls were employed, but by 1956 these figures had grown to 35 percent for enrolled boys and 25 percent for enrolled girls.” (Mcdonald) That means the students working while they are study was getting commons. Coleman state that “from a policy perspective, the prevailing wisdom is that the “world of school” and the “world of work” should be more fully integrated in order to properly educate and train young people for their adult roles in the workforce.” (Coleman, 1974; National Panel on High School and Adolescent Education, 1976; Carnegie Council on Policy Studies in Higher Education, 1979; Byrne, Constant and Moore, 1992; Congressional Research Service, 1994) “The chance to gain employment and industry skills in class and apply them on-the-job” (State of Wisconsin, 1993). Coleman want to said that from the side of the government, they want more student to work because a lot of factory and restaurant need gain more employment. If student work they can connect to workplace very fast. I think that is good because government can earn more employee. Student can learn more while they working. I think that will connect world to school to world to work faster. I think student should work while
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