The Importance Of Higher Education

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According to Malcolm Forbes, “Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.” Education is the fundamental necessity of life. To get higher and quality education is the basic right of every human being on this planet. But achievement of higher education is not possible without studying in college. College is actually a hub of knowledge where most talented and professional lecturers are ready to give you the essence of their expertise and life experiences (Hill, 2018). According to her, there are many reasons why is it important for a student to study in colleges. One of the most important ones is career opportunities. It is known that financial stability is a very important factor for survival in society. One can only find a good and well-paid job after completion of the degree. Although higher education appears to be complementary or competitive, yet college education can provide a boost to a student’s career and this is the only way to excel and proceed further for more career opportuni¬ties as well as to polish one’s skills. Another reason is its help to develop the society. There is no doubt about the fact that the future of a nation depends upon its youth. Only educated youth can make a developed, civilized and balanced society. So, for the betterment of society, country and one’s own good, higher education is compulsory. While education can be received in many ways, the quality received depends upon the way of educating of many instructors. The
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