The Importance Of Hijab In Muslim Women

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Hijab is a head covering worn in public by Muslim Women. It is a symbol of privacy and modesty and that it is practiced to show respect for the received knowledge acquired in the Islamic teachings. There are different variations of Hijab and it differs from one to another via its levels of layer and covering-up purposes. Hijab is worn to cover beauty spots such as the hair, legs and body contours of Muslim women to show self-respect and their belief towards Islam. However, Hijab-wearing has always been subjected to several issues in the modern societies. These examples include the symbols of oppression and political statements.

Oppression is an unfair and biased treatment prolonged through authoritative implementation. In this case, Hijab is a symbol that represents the bars to freedom and in particularly, the idea of self-expression. The inability to express oneself have caused an outrage to feminist as they urged Muslim women to redefine their way of life by questioning the need of wearing Hijab and to not be victims of masculine dominance. Theodore Gabriel (2011, p. 25) outlined “the covering of the head, Hijab, and the covering of face, Niqab, are seen by many as demonstrations of oppression.” This shows that the act of veiling promoted through religious beliefs interfere in the possession of one’s body and her rights to make decisions for her own self. By taking the rights of someone, it is perceived for him/her to be of an unequal status as compared to their peers.
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