The Importance Of Hiking In Hong Kong

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Introduction Hiking is now gaining popularity in Hong Kong. People take hiking as a form of entertainment and a healthy pastime. However, they merely noticed the hidden dangers when go hiking. No one thinks hiking will take their lives if they are not paying enought attention. One accident happened in 2015 caught our attention. A girl in Sandia Crest, sounthwestern United States, slipped off the cliff when hiking and ended up in death. The case happened since she did not realise the danger of going near the cliff. We noticed there may be a lot of hidden dangers through this news. It is important to arouse people’s awareness of hiking accidents.

Objectives We aim at discover different types of accident related to hiking, hence, study the reasons behind each accident. At last, we would like to suggest solutions or preventions for those accidents so that people can prevent it from happening. Four aspects of accident are selected for our mini-project due to their high probability of happening. They can be roughly catagorised into animal hazards, terrain hazards, stream or river hazards and undesirable weather hazards. More details will be given in the later sections.

Animal Hazards There is no doubt that different animals can be found in mountains. The most common animals in Hong Kong’s
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More information should be given out to the general public so that hikers will select a more suitable place for their hiking. The distribution of snakes in Hong Kong can be uploaded in the home page of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. Hikers can learn about the species and distribution of snakes in different mountains, so that they will bear in mind that the place they choose consist of potential dangers. Also, notice signs should be placed in the hiking tracks which are near the habitat of toxic snakes. Hikers will be alert to the environment, accordingly, reducing the risk of being
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