Purpose Of History Essay

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History refers to the speculation and efforts in getting truths, clarification of the cause of the origin of things, and information of how and why events happen. History aims to help us understand past humans’ interactions and how the dynamic environment impacted their interactions. It is important to note that history is not just the presentation of information about the things that happened in the past as some people claim. History is an important aspect of human life. It allows the human race to appreciate what happened in the past and what is going on in the present. Consequently, humans can draw meaningful differences that can help in improving their lives. By studying history, leaders of today can relate with both the biographies of…show more content…
According to Ibn Khaldun, history is a branch of knowledge with numerous amount of different approaches. The purpose of history is distinctive, and its many features are important and advantageous. He goes on to explain how important history is, for it tells us about circumstances and / or events of former nations and how this reflected in rspect of their behaviour, and that it also tells us about the life of the prophets and rulers. In addition to that, Ibn Khaldun says that everyone should be able to understand history as it is mainly about previous nations and events that occurred in the past that might have changed the ascpect of things. Be it political or not. To him, history was about striving for the truth, looking for explanations to certain events, and knowing how and why they happened. Ibn al- Athir was fond history too. He was all about them history books, and learning the fascinating material which they hold. His meaning of history is different than that of Ibn Khaldun’s. Ibn al- Athir thought that some unnecessary, detailed news should be avoided when recording events and “that not writing them would have been better, such as their saying, So and so….increased the prices [of goods] by a pound, so and so was honored, and so and so was
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