Holidays In Greece Essay

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Holidays in Greece
There’s a place for every kind of traveller in Greece. The Grecian islands are renowned for their historical ruins, luxurious resorts, gorgeous beaches and vibrant nightlife. Whether it’s relaxation or adventure you want in a holiday, it can be found in Greece.While many travellers may think to start in Athens or elsewhere on the mainland, the true gems are in the Aegean Islands.

Places to go
Best Place to go for Families
Getting There: Rhodes is in the South Aegean regionand the largest of the Dodecanese islands. Flights are available to Rhodes from many of the major Greek cities, including Athens, Crete and Karpathos. There are also daily ferry boats to Rhodes, but this can be a time-consuming option.
Why it’s
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International travellers can sometimes fly direct from the UK to the island, especially in the summer months, and travel by ferry is available at many different Greek cities.
Why it’s Perfect: As one of the most cosmopolitan cities and popular tourist destinations in the Grecian islands, Corfu has an active and well-known nightlife. The clubs and bars in Corfu offer a diverse nightlife experience, from modern dance clubs to bar that play Greek music and host traditional dances. For a laid-back vibe, the nightlife in Corfu Town is for you. For travellers looking for a more lively experience, the beach resorts in Kavos and Gouvia are a great choice.
Recommended Activities: The bayside bars in AgiosGordios, the summer fire shows at Apokalypsis, the open-air concerts on the Corfu Town esplanade and big band concerts in the Spianada, the English Pick beach in Kavos.
Where to stay: Seaside resorts often house their own clubs, in addition to being near the most active parts of town, and may be the best option to stay closest to the action.There are also many smaller hotels for those staying on a

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