The Importance Of Homeless Youth On The Streets

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Homeless Youth On Our Streets The government and its citizens should make a combined effort to eradicate homelessness forever. With the government 's funding and legislation and the people 's local support and organizations, eradicating homelessness is very possible. Many teens feel the need to leave or run away from their homes, because of the abusive and unwelcoming feelings they receive. Physically or sexually abuse, substance abusive parents, mental health disorders, and parental neglect can be one of the main factors a teen runs away. The youth, who lead the future of our nation, need to be supported and nourished. Instead, our ‘future’ resides on the streets. Teens leave their houses and join the streets to escape abuse and hurt, and instead are faced with more difficulties. A life of endless homelessness and fear of modern day predators. The homeless youth need to be supported through the work of organizations, from a combined effort of both the government and the common public, to ensure that housing, education, and emotional support is provided to create a safe place off the streets. Abused and badly treated youth can find refuge in the streets. They think it’s their only way out, only place to escape to. Little do they know, that without education, proper housing, and emotional counseling, they will find themselves stuck in a predicament worse than their previous ones. They’re stuck in a loop of homelessness and will struggle to find a job or afford proper

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