The Importance Of Homelessness In America

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In recent years, homelessness has become an extreme problem within America and its beloved cities. It has hit a country-wide record in growth that the public and government cannot ignore any longer. Homelessness is so important in society today, because it affects all of American society, and it has become essential for the country to help find ways to help those in need due to its large scale of growth because the economy is declining. So far, some measures are being taken in order to relieve the problem, but it still begins to grow even more with everyday that goes by.
For many years now, the homelessness community has needed a change within the United States. Homelessness is a reoccurring issue that cannot be stopped with the current steps
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When we look at this problem, we must take into consideration all the little aspects and subjects of homelessness that could develop a much more bigger issue; such as, the creation of new jobs, healthcare, housing, and funding. These bigger picture issues overall affect the economic system of America. The homelessness issue affects almost the entire population in America due to its severity and country-wide need for help. The fact that this issue includes so many problems is the reason why it affects so many people. So far, the country allows organizations to create funding and charities to help gain money in order to open up different lifestyle opportunities for those in need. The country allows cities to tax a certain amount based on these needs and some of which can go towards helping those that are homeless; however, there are other societal problems in America that are on the rise and being put over the homelessness epidemic. The problem right now is not getting better, and it is just growing. Sooner or later the economic system will succumb and face the impact of what homelessness has had on this country. An article from The Guardian news source, discusses how the homeless population in America is extremely overlooked in many ways by the public. The piece opens up by discussing a scenario where people are walking past and ignoring homeless people on the side of the street. This demonstration…show more content…
Some people claim that its because of drugs or because one probably did not have a job, however this is not the case. Homelessness can occur in anyone's life or family; it is so common that someone you know might just be without a roof over their head. It is obvious that if we wait to do something about the homelessness issue in America, then we are putting aside those in need of a better life. We force those that are homeless to continue to live their life the way it has been for a longer amount of time, and it could be changed now. Something needs to be done now in order to relieve the problem in America or else it will continue to expand and affect many more. Homelessness is not necessarily something that can be stopped or seen coming in someone’s life... sometimes it is America that fails the person that spirals into being homeless. An article written by, “Hodge Jr., James G., et al, provides insightful information on how the homeless community in America has been for the past decade. It talks about how the public and the government are involved in the issue, and they somewhat have some responsibility for the community’s issues. The piece touches base on how one organization in specific has provided efforts in resolving the issue. The article states that, “In 2002, the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) began working with states and localities to create ten-year plans to end
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